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This case scenario was written in a long clinical format, as you would expect to encounter on the wards. From the history to the investigations, we have tried to make this representative of a real patient pathway.


For the Year 2s this was initially written for, this may prove unfamiliar at first, but treat it as an introduction to the clinical approach developed from Year 3 onwards. The emphasis at this stage should be to familiarise yourself with the clinical format and begin to understand the reasoning for investigations and differentials.


As a part of the spiral curriculum, the topics in this case will be revisited in later years where it will become much more familiar. This case scenario will remain relevant and the emphasis will shift accordingly.


I hope this is of use to you all and I appreciate any feedback at the end.

Thank you very much,


Zelei (Young) Yang

Radiology ST1 (Cumis@cumis.co.uk)





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